Online Submissions Guidenlines

Here are the general steps to submit an article through the Open Journal Systems (OJS) 3 for Local Engineering Journal of Local Architecture and  Civil Engineering (LEJLACE):

  1. Create a user account: Visit the website and create a new user account. Usually, there is an option like "Register" or "Create Account" on the journal's homepage. Fill out the registration form with the requested information and create a unique username and password. 

  2. [langkah pertama, kunjungi link URL Local Engineering Journal of Local Architecture and Civil Engineering kemudian kilik menu Register yang terdapat pada kanan atas dan isi data-data pribadi anda]

  3. Login to the user account: After creating an account, log in to your user account using the username and password you created.

  4. [setelah mendaftar pilih menu Dashboard yang terletak di kanan atas seperti gambar di atas, jika tampilan menu dashboard/view profil  tidak ada maka anda belum login]

  5. Access the submission page: Once logged in, find the option or link that directs you to the "Submission" or "Submit Article" page. Usually, this can be found in the main navigation menu of the journal or in the user panel.[setelah anda login, kemudian pilih tombol New Submission, lihat gambar di atas]

  6. [selanjutnya, akan tampil gambar di atas, kemudian cheklist semua yang ada di bawah Section Policy, lihat gambar di atas, jika sudah klik Save and Continue]

  7. Upload the article file: After filling in the metadata information, you will be given the option to upload the article file. Click on the "Browse" or "Choose File" option to browse and select the article file from your computer. Make sure your article file is in the requested format, which is Word format.

    [selanjutnya Upload artikel sesuai dengan template yang telah disediakan web Local Engineering. Upload artikel dengan extensi doc, docx, odt, atau rft; lihat gambar di atas. Selanjutnya pada artikel component pilih article text; selanjutnya klik Save and continue]

  8. Fill in metadata information: On the article submission page, you will be asked to fill in metadata information about the article you are submitting. This metadata includes the article title, author names, abstract, keywords, references, and other relevant information. Fill in each requested field with the appropriate information.
    [selanjutnya pada enter metadata, isi judul, abstrak, tambahkan penulis lain, keyword, dan referensi dari artikel anda, isi data yang wajib saja; selanjutnya klik Save and continue]
  9. Confirm the article submission: After uploading the article file, review all the information you provided and ensure everything is correct. Once confident, click on the "Finish Submission" button to confirm the article submission.
    [selanjutnya klik Finish Submission]
  10. Follow additional instructions: Sometimes, after submitting the article, you may be required to follow additional steps, such as filling out a research ethics approval form or including additional attachments. Follow the instructions provided by Local Engineering Journal of Local Architecture and Civil Engineering (LEJLACE) carefully. [artikel anda sudah berhasil dikirimkan ke editor, untuk melihat hasil sumbission anda bisa klik menu submission]

After submitting the article, the Editorial Board and Review Board of Local Engineering Journal of Local Architecture and Civil Engineering (LEJLACE) will review the article according to their policies. You will receive notifications regarding the status of your article submission, such as whether the article is accepted for further review or rejected.